Hill's first act is to tweak PAWS

Cheyenne, Wy – New Superintendent of Public Instruction Cindy Hill says she has been busy. Although Monday was her first official day on the job, Hill has spent the last few weeks changing policies and getting ready to lead the Department of Education. Hill has already changed the plan for the proficiency test called PAWS. While the outgoing administration made several changes to the test, Hill was uncomfortable with some of them and asked school districts to weigh in. In the last few days, she made changes to the plan and has sent those to districts for review.
"What we decided to do is put it back out to people who are working closest to our children. And they agreed this would be much better. For instance, it will not be a timed test. And certainly the people working closest with agreed and that will be rolling out fairly soon here."
Hill says is excited that legislators are considering a number of bills this year with education in mind but adds that she is not prepared to offer an opinion on them. She plans to spend the week reviewing the proposed legislation.