Historian says Hansen probably a better Senator

Laramie, Wy – Wyoming is mourning the passing of a notable politician and rancher. Former U-S Senator and Governor Cliff Hansen died at the age of 97. He became Governor during a tight budget time in Wyoming and U-W Historian Phil Roberts says that he had an easier time as a Senator.
"He was probably a better Senator then he was a Governor. He was able to work with the other Senator from Wyoming Gail McGee during most of that period. He was quite effective in getting federal funding for Wyoming in the Senate. During the time he was Governor he was faced with a lot of problems in the republican Party, a lot of problems around the state."
Roberts notes that Hansen opposed the expansion of Grand Teton National Park, but that the protest led to limited grazing in the Park and for Teton County to be compensated for the loss of tax revenue. He did later reverse opinion saying he was glad the park expanded.