Hobo pool to get remodel

Laramie, WY – Saratoga is embarking on a project to renovate its public hot springs pool, known as the Hobo Pool.
The town is currently gauging interest from architects and
construction firms for the $650,000 project.
The plan includes a new bathhouse, a new pool in addition to the
Hobo Pool, and a new swimming pool pump and filter upgrade.
The new less-hot pool would hold water at about 100 degrees,
compared to the 107-110 degree water in the Hobo Pool.
Saratoga received a $283,000 state grant for the project and a
federal grant of about $273,000 to bring the facility in compliance
with the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Town in-kind services will help cover the remaining work.
Town Engineer Chuck Bartlett says the project started with the
desire for a cooler hot tub and grew from there.