Honaker Answers Senators' Concerns

Wash., D.C. – Rock Springs attorney Richard Honaker's nomination to the U.S. District Court for Wyoming has caused a stir among women rights groups.

On Tuesday members of the U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee questioned him on his past anti-abortion activism.

Honaker has come under fire for legislation he brought before the Wyoming state legislature. In the nineties he sponsored two bills that would have banned abortions in Wyoming. Pro-choice groups have been lobbying Senators to reject his confirmation. In the hearing, the Democratic and Republican heads of the Judiciary committee voiced concern that Honaker would be an activist judge.

Honaker told them he would not advocate anti-abortion stances as a Wyoming district judge.

It was one issue that came up during my service as a legislature. It was a personal viewpoint I took and I have checked those viewpoints at the door for thirty two years as a lawyer. As I judge I would check those personal viewpoints at the door of the courthouse as well, Honaker said.

Both of Wyoming's Republican Senators spoke on Honaker's behalf.

Honaker will have two weeks to provide more extensive answers to the Senators questions. After that Honaker will have to come back to DC to answer questions from the entire Judiciary Committee.