House AML spending bill would fund UW upgrade

Feb 23, 2012

The Wyoming House finished work on a bill that lines out how the state will spend Abandoned Mine Lands Money.  On the final day of debate, the House restored money to be used to rehabilitate the University of Wyoming’s Arena Auditorium.   The money was removed from a previous amendment that used the money to pay for upgrades at UW’s Engineering College.   Kemmerer Representative Kathy Davison expressed concern about the construction money being given to UW. “Every year we put a lot of money into UW, every single year. And while we are doing that we continue to cut our social services.  So those individuals are not being thought about.  I just think the legislature should think more about the people aren’t able to help themselves.”
 Davison is equally dismayed that the funding will go towards an athletics project.  The bill now goes to the Senate for further debate.