House approves Hathaway changes

Jan 30, 2013

The Wyoming House of Representatives voted to approve a bill that adds two years of Fine and Performing Arts or Career-Vocational education to the requirements of those seeking the Hathaway scholarship. Under the bill, those seeking funding for the top two tiers of the scholarship must also take two years of Foreign Language, but those acquiring less Hathaway Scholarship money may take foreign language as an option.  During final debate, Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau noted that the bill makes it the 23rd time that the legislature has debated what should be required to get the scholarship and he urged lawmakers to let existing regulations to remain. Worland Republican Michael Greear added that the changing requirements make it difficult on those trying to qualify for scholarship funding.                

“Each time we change this, each time we try to change it, we make it that much more difficult for parents and students to map out or try to map out their future success,” said Greear.

But Representatives from rural areas argued that Career-Vocational education is vital to the future of many of their students and should be included.  Cody Republican Sam Krone argued that the Arts should also be among the requirements.  The bill now moves to the Senate for final debate.