House Candidates Face Off in Casper

Casper, WY – The three candidates seeking Wyoming's lone seat in the U.S. House squared off in a debate in Casper.

Democrat Gary Trauner, Republican Cynthia Lummis and Libertarian W. David Herbert discussed issues including the economic crisis, energy, the Wyoming Range, offshore drilling, Yellowstone National Park and health care.

Trauner says he supported the recent federal bailout of the financial system with reservations. Lummis says she opposed the bailout, saying there are better alternatives to solve the problem. Herbert says he was against the plan, saying a slower approach was needed.

Trauner said Lummis was another partisan party follower like current Representative Barbara Cubin. Lummis says Trauner will be sucked into House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's liberal agenda. And Herbert says he's a viable alternative to both parties.

Cubin is not seeking re-election.