House considers workplace safety

Cheyenne, WY – Wyoming has among the worst records for workplace safety deaths in the nation, and the legislature is looking at a way to change that. The Wyoming House is considering a bill that would boost fines and civil penalties for workplace safety violations. Lovell Republican Elaine Harvey is a strong opponent of that bill. She says it would cost jobs and hurt small business owners. But Worland Democrat Debbie Hammons says that most of the workplace deaths are associated with small companies and something is needed to get their attention: "A safe workplace is an inherient right of the worker. We don't want people to be killed in our workplaces. Because we don't want anymore young men who are taking high risk jobs in the summertime to pay for their college die because of a faultily put together rig.

Casper Republican Roy Cohee says this bill would go a long ways towards addressing an ongoing problem. The bill will be debated two more times.