House Debates AML Funds Again

Feb 22, 2012

For the second straight day,the Wyoming House of Representatives has hotly debated how the state should spend its share of Abandoned Mine Land Funds.  The money is allocated for reclamation efforts, but the state may also use it for other projects.   Some were concerned that the bill would spend ten million dollars to upgrade the University of Wyoming Arena-Auditorium,and voted to instead spend the money on an upgrade of the UW College of Engineering. 
Campbell County Republican Sue Wallis says the money is always at risk of getting cut by the government and she didn’t want to give them ammunition.  But Casper Republican Steve Harshman says the Arena upgrade is an appropriate use of the money.

“There’s always things that are thrown out that AML has to be for energy impacts, has to be for this or that and frankly that’s not true.  If you read the federal statute we get about $140-million a year, the first $30 million goes towards reclamation, after that it says whatever the legislature would like it to go to.”

Harshman will try and restore the money when the House debates the measure for a final time on Thursday.