House initally approves wolf plan

Mar 1, 2012

It was once a difficult task, trying to get the Wyoming House of Representatives to approve a wolf management plan. But today, nobody on the floor voiced opposition to the bill that would finally give Wyoming the power to manage wolves within the state borders. 

House Wildlife Committee Chairman Del McComie said groups representing competing sides in Wyoming support this bill.  But he admits there is still some minor trepidation.

“Because in the past sometimes the federal government has held out that this is what they’ll do and they’ll support us in this and then have backed away from it.  But everybody feels much more confident that this bill is there.”

The bill sets up an area in western Wyoming where wolves will be protected five months out of the year, but it will allow for hunting in the rest of the year.  People in the rest of the state can shoot wolves on sight.  The House will debate the bill twice more.