House Judiciary Committee supports gun rights bills

Jan 29, 2013

Some Wyoming legislators are working to thwart anticipated federal efforts to ban semi-automatic weapons or limit the size of gun magazines with the state’s boundaries.  They also support allowing concealed firearms in government buildings and schools.

The House Judiciary Committee approved the bill that prevents such laws, and also says that anyone trying to enforce a federal gun ban in Wyoming could face felony charges. 

Wyoming Gun Owners Association Director Anthony Bouchard told the committee that the time is right for such legislation.

“It’s been an emotional push to take people’s rights away.  And I think we are a state where I think people will stand firm and stand against a federal intrusion.”

Laramie Democrat Cathy Connolly was the lone “no” vote.  She said the bill goes against the federal supremacy clause and that federal law trumps and preempts state law. 

The committee has also approved a bill that allows guns in schools if someone has a concealed carry permit.  Supporters of the legislation say it will make schools safer. 

Judiciary Committee Chairman Keith Gingery says they are hearing from citizens who want guns allowed in public places, and that’s why the committee voted 8-to-1 to support guns in schools and continue the debate.

“I think what the committee did, we moved it onto the floor, it’s such an important issue,” Gingery says. “We’ve probably gotten more emails, more communication on this.”

Both bills now move to the House floor for further debate.