House Makes Cuts to Budget

Cheyenne, WY – The state started the legislative session with $1.2 Billion in surplus. After putting a significant amount of that away into savings the House realized they have spent the rest plus some. That meant Representatives needed to spend Monday cutting back on proposed plans for spending. Plans that were cut included money to pay for preschool for kids with developmental disabilities and paying for dental needs of people on Medicaid. Representative Elaine Harvey sponsored both of those proposals and says while she felt pretty beaten up by the cuts, she thinks the fact that legislators have different priorities is good for the process. The money for developmental preschools is still in the budget on the Senate side. That means it could survive the session. Harvey says the dental Medicaid plan is something she'll have to work on over the next year. All totaled, the House cut back on spending by about $70 million Monday. But despite the move towards restraint, the House did approve nearly $30 million dollars a year in spending for kindergarten through 12th grade. Representative Jeff Wasserburger, the chair of the education committee says he was a little surprised schools did not lose any funding.