House passes bill to allow Wyoming to join a multi-state lottery

Feb 4, 2013

Wyoming House passes bill to create state lottery

Despite concerns that a lottery would be a regressive tax, the State House of Representatives passed a bill that would allow Wyoming to join a multi-state Powerball Lottery. 

It establishes a quasi-corporation that would be tasked with making the lottery profitable.  Several lawmakers near border states say that Wyoming is losing money as residents cross state lines to buy lottery tickets. 

But others say that a lottery would hurt the poor who are looking for a quick and easy way to make money.  Thermopolis Republican Nathan Winters says a lottery would hurt the state…

“And this will most heavily fall upon those who can least afford it and as a result it will damage families and cause hardship  upon us all,” Winters says. “And I say that because those individuals will then have to turn to the state to pick up the pieces of their ruined lives.”

But bill sponsor Dave Zwonitzer says people have the right to spend their money how they please. 

The bill passed 31-28 and heads to the Senate for further consideration.