House Passes Bill To Put Cameras On School Buses

Feb 17, 2014

The Wyoming House of Representatives has approved a bill that would require school buses in the state to carry video cameras on the outside.

The cameras would help catch motorists who illegally drive by stopped buses, also known as fly-by's.  Speaker of the House Tom Lubnau opposed the bill, saying that using cameras to spy on people would make him uncomfortable.  Other opponents complained that it should be a local control issue and not something that the state should mandate.

House Education Chairman Matt Teeters says he sympathizes with the concerns, but he says the bill will make things safer.

"At the end of the day there will be fewer fly-by's in the state of Wyoming and fewer children at risk," Teeters said. "And hopefully the tragedy the occurred in Crowheart where a young girl was tragically killed by one these people who drove around a school bus last year will not be repeated."

The measure heads to the Senate for further debate.