House Republicans Are Pro Energy Development

Riverton, Wy – During a debate last night among the Republicans running for Wyoming's seat in the House of Representatives... all the candidates agreed that the nation should allow more domestic drilling. The candidates faced off in a debate in Riverton broadcast on both public television and public radio.
Candidate Cynthia Lummis, an attorney from Cheyenne, said she sees drilling in the outer-continental shelf as a matter of national security. She also said royalties paid by oil companies could be a way of decreasing the national debt.
"It could either be applied to the cost of the department of interior, which turns non-renewable resources into renewable resources, or it could be used to decrease the national debt. Consequently, there are so many benefits to drilling offshore and that may be the most significant of all."

None of the Republican candidates said they supported the current proposal to eliminate future energy drilling in the Wyoming Range. Former naval officer Bill Winney said the proposal is too restrictive.
"Wildlife matters, the environment matters, but at four dollars a gallon, we need to get access to our natural resources and we need to make use of them across this country."
Meantime, candidate Mark Gordon, a rancher from Buffalo, said that modernizing the nation's electric transmission lines should be a priority.