Hungry Bear in Grand Teton Put Down

Grand Teton National Park, WY – A female black bear was euthanized in Grand Teton National Park after repeatedly stealing food from campers. Spokeswoman Jackie Skaggs says the bear's increasingly aggressive behavior means it could not be relocated and had to be put down on Monday. She says the bear recently grabbed a bag of cereal off a picnic table where campers were making breakfast. Skaggs says, just a few days ago, the bear flattened two tents in the Colter Bay campground: "Two girls had kept food inside their tent, then went to brush their teeth and left the food unattended. The bear was there in quick order and tore up the tent in its efforts to get the food out of the tent."

Skaggs says the bear had previously found garbage at the Colter Bay campground. Skaggs says the killing of this bear emphasizes that campers need to follow food and garbage rules in bear country.