Hunkins Would Cut Property Taxes

Casper, Wy – Republican gubernatorial candidate Ray
Hunkins says that if elected he would favor sharing the state's
mineral wealth by cutting property taxes.
Hunkins told reporters in Casper today (Thursday) that he
supports cutting the assessment rate which is already among the
lowest in the nation.
He says this would amount of an annual savings of 111 dollars
for the owner of a house valued at 125-thousand dollars, the median
value in the state.
Hunkins said the entire plan would save taxpayers 43 (M) million
dollars a year. He suggested the state pay local governments to
cover the cost of the tax cuts. Representative Roy Cohee, a Casper Republican, says Wyoming
residents already pay less corporate and property tax than
residents of any other state.
Cohee questioned what the state will do when the mineral wealth
goes down.