Hunter: Elk and Deer Carcass Transport a Concern

Torrington, WY – A Jackson hunter is pushing for restrictions on transporting parts of deer and elk carcasses from areas known to have chronic wasting disease. Shane Moore asked the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission Friday in Torrington to consider regulations that would require hunters to leave behind infectious materials, like the brain and spine. Moore does not believe the Game and Fish is doing enough to slow the spread of CWD. And he says a recent study shows the disease can be transmitted through carcasses and he thinks the agency should exercise caution because of that.
Game and Fish Deputy Director Gregg Arthur says there's no evidence that transporting carcasses has ever introduced CWD to a new area. The department recommends that hunters not transport infectious material, and Arthur says their CWD policies are not cast in stone. Game and Fish Commissioners agreed to revisit the issue in January, when it expects to have new recommendations on the topic from an International Fish and Wildlife body.