Idaho Project Has Jackson Residents Worried

Jackson, Wy –
In the year 2000, the Jackson based group called Keep Yellowstone Nuclear Free used local attorney Gerry Spence and a number of community leaders to stop a nuclear incinerator project from proceeding at the Idaho National Laboratory in Idaho Falls. That same group is focused on the latest plan by the Department of Energy to produce a brand of Plutonium at the site that is viewed as heavily radioactive.
The concern of Jackson Hole residents is that they are downwind from the facility. Keep Yellowstone Nuclear Free Director Mary Woolen-Mitchell says this latest proposal from the Department of Energy has been interesting because Federal officials seem to be wooing local elected officials, which she thinks is odd strategy since it was the people who defeated the previous effort.
Mitchell says the Department of Energy will send an official to speak with them Tuesday morning, to try and build up support for the project. She says they are anxious for the discussion and will take a formal position later.