Income levels in Wyoming are above the national average

Laramie, WY – New numbers from Personal 2010 put Wyoming in sixth place for highest income levels, per capita, in the nation. The data comes from the Bureau of Economic Analysis whose figures show that the state's economy benefits from the mining, farming and healthcare sectors. State Economist Jim Robinson says the numbers show that overall there's more money in the pockets of Wyomingites compared to most other states.
"Well, what I would say, is that's what that per-capita number is telling me: for the average person in Wyoming, they are approximately about 7,000 dollars per year better off than the average U.S. Citizen. And if they're in the mining sector, they're going to be better off than say, somebody that's in the professional service sector."
Nationally, personal income in 2010 averaged just above 40-thousand dollars per person. In Wyoming, it was 47-thousand.