Industry Debates Sierra Club

Casper, Wy – While the Sierra Club has placed Wyoming's
Red Desert on a list of of the 50 most endangered places in the
United States, an official in the oil and gas industry says that's
an overblown assessment.
The Sierra Club says it put the Red Desert on its America's
Great Outdoors list because of plans to drill ten-thousand oil and
gas wells in southwestern Wyoming.
The environmental group says that drilling not only threatens
wildlife habitat, it could eventually do harm to Wyoming's tourism
and ranching industries.
Some of the development is being done by Double Eagle Petroleum
and Anadarko Petroleum. Steve Degenfelder, vice president for lands
for Double Eagle, says the Sierra Club is relying on hysteria to
achieve its goals.
Degenfelder says the Sierra Club wrongly portrayed the drilling
of ten-thousand wells as taking place over the next several years.
He says the wells will be drilled over 20 years and they will have
ten-year lifespans.