Insurance Companies Hold Their Breath Over ACA Decision

Mar 27, 2012

Wyoming’s largest health insurer Blue Cross Blue Shield says they’re unsure what effects will be felt in the state should the Supreme Court strike down the Affordable Care Act.

Wendy Curran is with Blue Cross Blue Shield. She says the insurance giant has been working hard to get up-to-date with provisions laid out by the ACA. However, should the act be struck down, she says many of the acts provisions would likely remain. But all eyes are on one key provision:

“It does appear to us that the individual mandate provision is a critical component of many of the pieces of the Affordable Care Act that when taken as a whole,” says Curran. “I think probably when taken as a whole, would create the kind of reform and movement the folks that brought that originally envisioned. “

The individual mandate requires all U.S. residents to have health insurance. Curran says if that is struck down, that could cause some concern within the insurance industry.  But she says it would depend on how Congress would react to that decision.