Investigation Into I-80 Crash Comes to an End

Laramie, Wy – The investigation into the devastating crash on I-80 last month is over. And the findings do not place the blame with any of the drivers involved.
The lead investigator, Lieutenant Kleif Guenther says his work found that in a matter of ten minutes 66 people and 36 vehicles were involved in the chain collision. But, he says no one is at fault though people were traveling too fast for the conditions.
The Wyoming Highway Patrol Administrator, Colonel John Cox, says there are a few things his agency could do to prevent other accidents, but mostly they need more troopers.
At the press conference it came out the Albany County Prosecuting Attorney decided not to file any criminal charges in connection with the deadly crash on I-80 last month. Colonel John Cox, read a statement from County Attorney Rich Bohling. It said because of the fire at the site there was not sufficient evidence available to attribute responsibility for any of the deaths that did occur.
Colonel Cox said Bohling could not attend the press conference because of events beyond his control.
The crash occurred August 19th between Laramie and Cheyenne. Four people are confirmed dead and three are missing and presumed dead. 29 others were injured.