Investigation Notes Problems

Cheyenne, Wy – An investigation by the Wyoming Department
of Family Services has concluded that juveniles weren't adequately
supervised when a boy allegedly was sexually assaulted at a Casper
juvenile jail a few months ago.
The department also found that staff and administrators at the
Regional Juvenile Detention Center didn't report the alleged
assault to the state as required.
The Associated Press obtained the report outlining the
department's conclusions after filing an open records request with
the department.
The report also concluded that youths cleaned up messes
including urine, vomit and blood, and that some youths were
improperly locked up in solitary confinement as punishment.
The alleged incidents occurred while the facility was being run
by a Cheyenne company, Frontier Correctional Services. Management
of the facility is being taken over by a Colorado company,
Cornerstone Programs.
Officials with the companies didn't immediately return messages
seeking comment.