Ira Glass Looks Forward To Visiting Wyoming

Nov 4, 2011

The Host and Creator of Public Radio’s This American Life says don’t be afraid to discuss story ideas with him when he comes to Laramie next week.  Ira Glass says he is excited about his first ever appearance in Wyoming and will discuss how he and his staff find compelling stories for the show and how each episode comes together.  Glass says that despite the popularity of the show, few people bother him with story ideas.

“ I don’t hear very often, I’ve got a story.   From people walking up to me in at a party and people don’t recognize me at a restaurant or something, I’m not that kind of famous.  Like in a room full of Public Radio listeners I’d be recognized.  But that is not most rooms". 

Glass will speak at the University of Wyoming Arts and Sciences Auditorium on Saturday September 12th at seven and will join Wyoming Public Media for a VIP Reception at Coe library beginning at 5:30.  Sign up for both events is available through UW’s Fine Arts Ticket office.