Ivinson Makes Changes

Laramie, Wy – The board of Ivinson Memorial Hospital in
Laramie has fired the hospital's chief executive officer and chief
financial officer.
The board unanimously fired C-E-O Nelson Toebbe and C-F-O Paul
Zuidema in a special meeting yesterday (Wednesday). The firings
were effective immediately.
The firings were recommended by Quorum Health Resources, a
professional management company contracted by the hospital in 2004.
Board member Terry Roark wouldn't say specifically why the board
fired the two.
Ivinson's fortunes have turned around dramatically since they
were brought on board. The hospital posted a 2-point-6 (M)
million-dollar loss in 2004 -- that has since been turned around to
a 2-point-6 (M) million-dollar profit.