Jackson approves two ballot issues and defeats one

Nov 7, 2012

Teton County voters resoundingly approved a 14-million-dollar tax
proposition to close the county's landfill. Hailey Morton, the top
vote-getter in the Jackson Town Council race, called the proposition a

 "If it didn't come from the sales tax, from the
SPET tax, it would have had to come from property tax, which you know
whether that was from the general fund or raising property tax, I
think constituents realized that's not what they wanted to do."

Jim Stanford, who also won a seat on the Town Council, said the
proposition will ensure tourists help foot the bill.

"That action has been mandated by the state, we're
facing a deadline from the DEQ, we could either pay for it with sales
tax or pay for it with property tax. Tourists help pay the sales tax,
and they also generate a lot of the trash."

Meanwhile, voters rejected a more than thirteen million dollar
proposal to buy 10 acres of U.S. Forest Service land in downtown
Jackson but approved four million to build pathways.