Jackson company is developing robots for the Navy

Jackson, WY – Robotics company Square 1 Designs of Jackson says a recent award from the Small Business Innovation Research program will help them to develop robots for possible use by the navy. The award is one of 24 handed out each year, and are designed to diversify the states economy by encouraging the development of technology-oriented businesses.
Square 1 designs director Bob Viola says the grant has been helpful to develop the robots design, establish relationships with other tech companies, and put together a compelling proposal for the navy.
"And without outside funding, the cost of doing all that can be a little bit daunting and can serve as an impediment for us to go after the project."
The robots in question will be a submersible, insect-like, walking machine that will be dropped from the side of a boat, and used to dig trenches in the ocean floor in order to lay cable to monitor maritime traffic.