Jackson fire crew shifts attention south

Sep 14, 2012

While crews have contained the northwest corner of a 3-thousand acre fire burning near the town of Jackson, a shift in winds this weekend could send the fire south toward some 60 homes in Teton County's Game Creek subdivision.

Operations Section Chief Allen Mitchell says residents can help by taking precautions around their homes.

We're only so many people. It would help us greatly if they got out, you know reduced some of that vegetation around their house, moved those woodpiles. There's a lot of stuff they can do to help us be successful."

Mitchell says forecasters are calling for winds out of the north to begin Saturday and last through Monday. Those winds could push the fire south toward Game Creek where sheriff's deputies are already patrolling to get familiar with neighborhoods in case of an evacuation.

However, Officials are getting more confident about battling the blaze since they've received more firefighters and air support as resources become available with major fires in Idaho beginning to wind down. If all goes well, they say this fire could be contained within the next three to four days.