Jackson Hole High School to host Model UN conference

Nov 15, 2013

This month Jackson Hole High School will host the annual Teton County Model United Nations conference. Student participants from across Wyoming and Idaho will research and debate pressing global issues, including security and human rights.

Sheridan High School social studies teacher, Andrew Metcalf, says that the model UN not only helps deepen students’ education, but might also open doors for them in the future.

“Today they say that actually, for many colleges it’s the number one club they like to see students a part of, because it develops them holistically,” says Metcalf.

Metcalf says that the number of students in Sheridan High’s model UN club has more than doubled since last year, and the number of participants in the region is growing quickly, too.

Metcalf says numbers are likely up because students see the club as a good precursor to work in fields such as political science or international law.