Jackson teen revels in Democratic convention

Denver, Colo. – Denver is awash with free booze this week, with lobbyists throwing open parties in order to rub elbows with Democratic big shots.

A Wyoming delegate, however, won't be able to enjoy that perk. He just graduated from high school.

My name is Willie Neal. I'm from Jackson Hole, so Teton County. I'm 18. I was an Obama Precinct Captain during my senior year. I was elected to go to the state convention, and from the state convention I was elected one of the seven delegates from Wyoming.

The tall and slim teenager was neatly tucked in a gray suit, sporting a yellow tie. He spoke with ease about the importance of youth to the future of Democratic Party.

The Democratic Party is on the rise," he says. "Without including younger generation, this process is unsustainable, and it will peak and it will drop.

His fast moving lips suddenly came to a screeching halt. Neal appeared petrified for a second, and pulled a camera from his pocket, scrambling to frame and position.

Michelle Obama, wow.

Five feet away, Michelle Obama walked by and disappeared into the backstage. Neil was again the articulate delegate.

We can sit there, be apathetic and do nothing, or we can be active and work for change.

Then the crowd erupted into a thundering applause. And Neal rushed back to see what he's missing, disappearing before finishing his last sentence.