Judge: UW must let Ayers speak on campus

Laramie, WY – A federal judge ruled this afternoon (Tuesday) that the University of Wyoming must allow William Ayers to speak on campus. Ayers is the former radical anti war activist, who is now an education professor. He was set to speak on campus and then had that invitation rescinded. U-W cited threats of violence as the reasons for why they would not allow Ayers to speak on campus. But, judge, William Downes, said today U-W was offering a content based prohibition and the university wasn't able to show specific threats.
David Lindsey is a member of the legal team that represented Ayers and a U-W student who sued the university.
"I think we all agree that it was one of the greatest days of our legal careers. The judge's opinion made it hard to hold back tears. This is why you go to law school, is to have days like this and realize that the system really works."
Ayers is now set to speak tomorrow afternoon on the U-W campus.