Juvenile Justice disagreement will continue to be discussed

Laramie, WY – Wyoming is at the start of a discussion about whether to overhaul its juvenile justice system. That conversation was kick-started two weeks ago, when the Mead administration put forth a plan to replace the existing county-by-county system of handling juveniles by enacting a uniform statewide code. For years, groups like the A-C-L-U of Wyoming have pointed out problems in the state - like the high number of juveniles processed through adult courts. But State Representative Kermit Brown of Laramie says he's skeptical of those numbers in particular
"That's where the numbers start to get real shifty in this thing, and it depends on how you define an adult facility."
The A-C-L-U's Linda Burt stands by their report.
"The numbers that we have are the accepted numbers and really the only verifiable numbers available in Wyoming. All of the numbers in our report come either from the federal monitoring report or the Wyoming Attorney General's report."
Representative Brown is the co-chair of the legislature's Joint Judiciary Committee. He says that right now, he does not believe an overhaul of the state's juvenile justice system is necessary.