Landowners group pushes wind energy

Laramie, Wy – A landowners' association is touring southeast Wyoming talking to communities about how they might be affected by wind development. The Renewable Energy Alliance of Landowners Chairman Bob Whitton says wind development could be a saving grace for Wyoming counties by preserving ranchland and creating jobs. But he says it's going to take legislative action to ensure that wind development actually makes money for the state. Albany County Commissioner Tim Chestnut agrees. He says he's also heard other concerns about wind development - particularly the worry that turbines ruin view sheds and lower neighbors' property values. But he is not concerned. "Especially in Albany County, where the wind is very prevalent, aren't the most beautiful parts of Albany county, there's a lot of prairie, ranch land not farmable land without a lot of vistas. So for me that's not a concern, I love wind energy, I like the turbines, I think they're kind of hypnotic, it's almost like watching a fire."
Whitton of the landowners' association says the main concern of locals is when wind power will be up and running in their communities -and the development of transmission lines.