Laramie Battles For Retailers

Laramie, Wy – Local economic development officials say business growth is starting to occur in Laramie, but lack of workers and pay has kept that from extending to retail. First National Bank President Dan Furphy is talking with a number of businesses, mostly in the high tech field that want to come to Laramie and he calls this an exciting time of growth. But Furphy says other businesses are reluctant to come. " When you talk to retailers, they say you don't have enough people in your community to justify us coming in here. Also, they do look at the overall income of our population and that is another hindrance that keeps retailers from coming into this community." Furphy says if people have higher wages, the feeling is that they would then have more money to spend. He says it has been a problem in Laramie for years, and is something he is hoping will be corrected as businesses start competing for employees.