Laramie Businessman Pleads Innocent to Fraud Charges

Lararmie, Wy – A former state lawmaker and prominent businessman in Laramie pleaded not guilty to charges of fraud Thursday. Terry Guice served in the state legislature for six years, is now vice chairman of the Ivinson Memorial Hospital Board and his family owns the Laramie company Four G's. He is charged with two counts of obtaining property under false pretenses. Those charges carry a maximum penalty of 20 years in prison and or 20 thousand dollars in fines.
The prosecution alleges Guice set up a phony business and took over 50 thousand dollars from a Montana company. Supposedly without ever delivering the products he charged the company for.
The Defense says many of the items were delivered and the case is based on innuendo and not evidence.
The court case is scheduled to start January 31st.