Laramie City Manager Is Being Forced Out

Laramie, Wyoming – Several Laramie officials say that City Manager Bonnie Ridley-Kraft is being forced out. The Laramie City council will supposedly address the matter in executive session Tuesday. Ridley-Kraft was hired in August after a short tenure in Spartanburg, South Carolina, where she resigned last April because of differences with that city council. Mayor Fred Homer calls rumors of her dismissal nothing but speculation, but admitted that at-will contracts will be addressed Tuesday night in executive session. Homer adds that no formal action can be taken until the city council meets in public. City Council member Bob Bell also refused to confirm that Ridley-Kraft has been dismissed. But other city officials confirmed that they have been told Ridley-Kraft will be replaced. Assistant City Manager Stacie Johnson, who filled in after Harry LaBonde was dismissed last year, will apparently handle day to day duties until a permanent replacement can be found. Ridley-Kraft was out of the office Friday afternoon and not available for comment.