Laramie County may be impacted by redistricting

Cheyenne, WY – The committee responsible for redrawing Wyoming's legislative districts continues to get feedback as it travels the state.
The task of redistricting or redrawing legislative boundaries happens every ten years with the release of the census. An issue in Laramie County surrounds whether all legislative districts can remain within the county borders. County Clerk Debbie Lathrop presented their plan to keep districts within the county and maintain 5 senate districts and 10 house districts.
"The committee was very cautious in stating that they're not at the point of accepting or taking any actions on any proposed plans, and that it does have to be a statewide plan, and that there is a possibility that Laramie county will not remained self-contained within its own borders."
According to the Wyoming Legislative Services Office, other counties that could see major shifts in legislative lines are Campbell, Crook, Weston and Niobrara. The legislature will vote on final legislative boundaries during the 2012 session. ,