Laramie County Takes Step Towards Deal with Wal-Mart

Cheyenne, Wy – The Laramie County Commission voted unanimously Tuesday to enter into an agreement with retail-giant Wal-Mart. The company is considering Cheyenne as a site for a new distribution center. Wal-Mart has not officially committed to Cheyenne, but this agreement is the first in several steps toward that commitment. Randy Bruns is the C-E-O of the economic development group in Cheyenne. Because of confidentiality, Bruns still doesn't specifically name Wal-Mart as the company his group is working with, but he says they are getting closer to a deal. He does note, though, that in January of 2004, he thought they were weeks away from this deal, he says he's not sure there will be a deal this time, but he thinks a decision will come in the next three to four years.
Cheyenne emerged as a candidate for the facility after public opposition derailed a deal to locate the distribution center in Pueblo, Colorado.