Laramie Gas Prices Lowest in Nation

Jan 8, 2013

It’s a good time to fill up in Wyoming, especially if you live in Laramie—which boasts the lowest gas prices in the nation, at $2.47. The state average is $2.83, which is about two and a half dollars less than the national average.  That’s according to, which collects data from volunteer price spotters around the country.

Gas Buddy Senior Petroleum Analyst, Patrick DeHaan says Wyoming’s location, low taxes, and prolific refineries contribute to the low prices.

“Wyoming is the most northern state in the Rockies with the lowest gasoline taxes,” says Dehaan, “and then you throw on cheap Canadian crude oil and it’s a recipe for low prices, which is what we’re seeing.”

DeHaan says that Wyoming prices tend to lag the national average by a few weeks, so he expects the trend to continue for at least a little while.

”If the national average starts to jump significantly, Wyoming will start to see a jump, say, in two weeks from now,” he says.

DeHaan expects prices in Wyoming to stay under three dollars-per-gallon for at least the next couple of weeks.