Laramie Group Wants To Outlaw Smoking

Laramie, WY – A Laramie group is trying to get the city council to pass an ordinance to outlaw smoking in all businesses. The idea has met with opposition from several Laramie bar owners, who believe the idea to go smoke-free should be voluntary. Larry Deal of Smoke-free Laramie says the ordinance is needed because it's a health issue that should not be voluntary. Deal says business owners aren't allowed to voluntarily regulate the amount of asbestos in their air, so he questions why should it be different with second-hand smoke. Smoke-free Laramie's Tamara Sniffen says a voluntary program sends a message that other employees have the right to breathe clean air, but those who work in bars don't. The Laramie City Council has yet to take up the smoke-free ordinance.