Laramie Mural Project

Nov 28, 2012

The Laramie Mural Project was formed as a collaboration between local artists, the University of Wyoming Art Museum and the Laramie Main Street Alliance in order to enhance public art in historic downtown Laramie. For the past two years, with financial and in kind support from the Guthrie Family Foundation, Wyoming Cultural Trust Fund, Laramie Beautification Committee and City of Laramie, local artists have created large scale murals on blank walls downtown. Local artists, Travis Ivey, Talal Cockar, Meeghan Meier and Dan Toro have created works that are both whimsical and thought provoking. For more information about the Laramie Mural Project, or to get involved, contact Susan Moldenhauer at the University of Wyoming Art Museum, or Trey Sherwood, Director of the Laramie Main Street Alliance at

List of Murals:
Tierra y Libertad by Talal Cockar at the Big Hollow Food Coop, 119 S. First Street
Hollyhock Haven by Travis Ivey at the City of Laramie Parking Lot, Custer and 2nd
Escape by Meghan Meier at Undercover Beds and Spa, 2nd and Garfield
Grainery Grove by Meghan Meirer at the old Whole Earth Grainery building, 111 E. Ivinson
Growth by Dan Toro at Source Gas, 416 S. 3rd St.