Laramie Police Almost Done with Murder Investigation

Laramie, Wy – The investigation of the murder of two students and suicide of another in Laramie this summer is essentially finished. But, Laramie Police still have not determined what led 20 year old Justin Geiger to take the lives of two people and then kill himself.
Commander Dale Stalder says they also do not think there were any warning signs that something was wrong or that the suspect would do something like this. Stalder says they do have a better idea of the sequence of events. Geiger first stabbed Adam Towler to death, then attacked Anthony Klochak, who managed to escape. The last victim, Amber Carlson, came upon Geiger at this point and he shot her before taking his own life. Police say Geiger did not sexually assault Towler or Carlson and they say the only drug involved in this case was alcohol.