Laramie River is flooding

Laramie, Wy – The Laramie River is well over its banks causing flooding and as snowmelt continues this week emergency officials say the river could rise even further. Albany County Emergency Management Coordinator Randy Vickers says they have tried to divert water upstream from Laramie in an effort to protect some homes, but that means they need volunteers to keep the flow in check, so that it does not cause damage in the northern part of the county. Vickers has lived in Laramie for many years and says nobody has ever seen the water close to this high.
"Historically we don't have anything on record this high. There is a report from 1957 that estimated a flow of 4-thousand cubic feet. We have 3-thousand cubic feet right now and that is a lot of water. I have never in my career seen water that high."
The Laramie Greenbelt and property close to the river has suffered the most from the flooding. Vickers says he is concerned about water approaching the tops of bridges. A hotline has been established for those who want to volunteer to help sandbag. It is 721-1845.