Laramie Smoking Ban Hasn't Hurt Business

Laramie, WY – A University of Wyoming study says that
the ban on smoking in restaurants and bars in Laramie that took
effect in April 2005 hasn't hurt business revenues. The Wyoming survey and Analysis Center is a research unit of U.W. It conducted a study of what businesses in Albany County paid in sales tax from July 2003 through August 2006. Mark McNulty is senior research scientist at the center. He says the study found no change in business revenues after the smoking ban took effect. The study factored in inflation, seasonality and overall
economic trends in the county. The study looked at all of Albany County but McNulty says the results are representative of Laramie because most of the bars and restaurants in the county are in the city. Cheyenne implemented a smoking ban this year, prompting many
business owners to complain about loss of revenues. A study on the effect of the Cheyenne ban could be released in November 2007.