Late Wildlife Researcher Has Last Work Published

Laramie, WY – A scientific journal this week published the last article written by the late University of Wyoming professor Beth Williams. Williams was known for her work on chronic wasting disease, and this article was a comprehensive review of what is known about the disease. Williams died in a December car accident, along with her husband Tom Thorne, who was also a noted wildlife veterinarian. The last article written exclusively by Williams is in the September issue of the journal Veterinary Pathology. It was mostly finished at the time of her death, and colleague Jean Jewell helped with the finishing touches. Jewell says the article has everything wildlife authorities would need to know about chronic wasting. Jewell says it's significant because it was written by Beth Williams. Jewell says Williams knew more about CWD then five other people combined. Jewell also thinks the article shows the depth of Williams' CWD knowledge because it cites data that had never been published before. On Wednesday, the Wyoming Game and Fish Department renames its Sybille Canyon facilities to honor Beth Williams and Tom Thorne.