Latin group leaves imnpressed with Wyoming renewable efforts

Jackson, Wy – A group of Latin American delegates is leaving Wyoming impressed by regional efforts to move towards renewable energy. The Delegates were here to discuss ways to use renewable energy in their part of the world. Wyoming and regional experts discussed advances in technology, policy and ways of getting consumers interested in renewables. Henry Zapata from Columbia's Ministry of Mines and Energy, said through an interpreter that he was most surprised at Wyoming citizens' dedication to environmental protection compared to Columbia's.
"Well, I have had the privilege to see many, many things here. For example the attitude of many different people regarding renewable energies. People really have an appreciation for the environment and they're willing to implement renewable energy systems. Clearly they have the financial resources to do this. I hope in the future the research being carried out in this country can result in a decrease in the price of renewable energy sources."
Other members of the group noted the federal government's use of stimulus money as a way to encourage the use of renewable energy.
In addition to Wyoming, the delegation also visited Washington D.C., Springfield, Illinois and Tampa, Florida.