Lawmakers To Further Discuss Smoking Ban

Casper, Wy – State lawmakers have agreed to begin
drafting legislation that would ban smoking in public places across
A subcommittee of the Legislature's full Joint Labor, Health and
Social Services Interim Committee voted yesterday (Tuesday) to send
the bill to the full committee after it's written.
The idea was brought before the subcommittee by Representative
John Hastert, a Democrat from Green River. Hastert says state
officials and some of his constituents think it's an important
public health issue.
Ten states have banned smoking in restaurants and/or workplaces.
Deborah Fleming, director of the state Health Department,
testified that a ban is needed in Wyoming to protect children and
people in indoor workplaces.
Currently, Laramie and Casper are the only Wyoming communities
which require large restaurants to provide smoke-free zones.
Laramie is debating a full smoking ban in all public areas.