Lawmakers will have less money then expected

Cheyenne, Wy – The long anticipated state revenue projections are out and lawmakers will have close to 400 million dollars less to spend on the upcoming budget. However, a co-chairman of the Wyoming Consensus Revenue estimating group says government will still have plenty of money to spend. Bill Mai says they just won't have a lot of extra cash sitting around.
"You still have revenues that exceed numbers of just a few bienniums ago. And most of those big expenditures in the last couple of bienniums were largely related to capital construction and building trust funds and that kind of thing. If you remove that from the budget, it doesn't look like you have that big of a problem."
Mai says revenue projections are for a continued downturn during the next few years and he says those crafting the budget should be prepared to deal with that. He says education funding and money for cities and counties are some long term concerns.