Lawyer Challenges UW

Laramie, Wy – The lawyer for a University of Wyoming
student accused of violating school policy in a drinking incident
last month says UW officials are violating the student's
due-process rights.
UW officials last week announced that they were temporarily
suspending all activities at the Sigma Nu fraternity following
reports that students were dangerously intoxicated at an event
Sara Axelson is vice president for student affairs at UW. She
said last week that the dean of students office there was holding
hearings looking into matter.
Laramie lawyer C.M. Aron represents a Sigma Nu member accused in
the event.
Aron wrote to UW officials saying that it's unfair of them to
refuse to provide details of their claims. Aron says that the only
logical explanation for the refusal is that officials don't have a
factual basis for their allegations.